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Available Bucket Truck Rental in Nassau County, NY

Looking for a bucket truck rental in Suffolk County, NY or surrounding areas? You'll want one that provides a dynamic hydraulic system, superb rotation capabilities, and ideal outlet placement. The Altec AT200AV telescopic aerial device offers these features and more.


This model also has a hydraulically extended boom and a two-stage telescopic non-insulated aerial device. Additionally, you can start or stop the engine at both upper and lower controls. We recommend adding the wheel chock and fall protection system features for improved safety. Furthermore, this bucket truck provides easy platform access from the ground, which is an important consideration to make with any rentals you're interested in. These standard components make the Altec AT200AV a great choice for a bucket truck rental in Nassau County, NY and nearby areas.

Exceptional Customization Options

This model can be customized with plenty of options to increase comfortability, efficiency, or ease of use. If you'd like to further customize the bucket truck, you could add two-speed controls, an interior bridgemount pedestal, an emergency operating system, a heater for the platform, a seat for the platform, and more. While all the features make this model a great choice, you can also benefit from its low life-cycle cost and low travel height. Altec aerial devices meet or exceed all applicable ANSI standards as of the manufacture date, so you can rest assured that these devices are fully up to code.

Our bucket trucks are ideal for a bucket truck rental in Suffolk County, NY and neighboring areas because they can be used for a variety of challenging jobs. Those range from electrical repair and maintenance of several lighting setups to electrical services in public spaces like restaurants, schools, and sports facilities. Our trucks come with all the safety equipment you need and we provide professional supervision to prioritize the safety of all involved employees or customers. Our professional supervision is available at hourly, weekly, and daily rates.

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Looking for a bucket truck rental in Nassau County, NY? We have exceptional bucket trucks available to rent and we'd be happy to assist you. Contact us today to request a quote.

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